10 perfect curved sofas, and how to style them yourself

What’s more, there are plenty of length and color options to choose from, so you can easily find the perfect couch for your space. Pottery Barn also gives you the choice between two and three seat cushions, along with nailheads.

“If you choose neutral colors, you can create interest by adding textures through the materials such as boucle or velvet,” adds Rizwan. Bold sofa colors can work well for creating a statement or adding a pop of color. However, Rasha Rizwan cautions that maintaining balance is essential by keeping other accessories and furniture neutral. Rizwan also suggests that bold sofas work better as statement pieces in larger spaces, as they can make a small living room feel tight and cramped. Corner sofas can make for an ideal solution for a large family home, accommodating more people all at once, which has made them an enduring sofa trend. They come in all different shapes and sizes, some being left-hand or right-hand sofas, so make sure you look at the walls you intend the sofa back to sit against and measure these too. While the factors listed above serve as general pricing and quality guidelines, there are high-quality couches within every price range.

Stylish Storage Ideas for a Sofa Table

Its hardwood frame is extremely sturdy and prevents it from shifting around on the floor. Plus, you don’t even have to worry about the hassle of assembly—it comes with a full-service delivery and setup for $99, which was seamless, efficient, and stress-free in our experience.

Read more about flexform here.

Existing Decor Colors, Textures, and Room Size

If you’re swooning over a particular look, and you’re willing to spend more time on its upkeep (versus picking something that’s lower maintenance), go for it! This decision will depend on your lifestyle and design goals.

“This vintage 1980s sofa breaks up the floorplan to define the rooms – where the open-plan kitchen ends and the living room begins,” explains Jamie. “A modern sectional would’ve been too uniform with sharp 90 degree angles, whereas this sofa is more welcoming in the space with its U-shaped curve.”

The height of a corner sofa is typically the same all the way around. If yours has varying heights, measure the tallest part to determine if it will fit through a doorway. The best sofas often have detachable legs and other elements that could make all the difference.

Rich weave effects add texture to the drawing, making Prickles a fun addition to any room. This yarn dyed texture is an appealing linen-look with a natural yarn effect. The slub yarn adds an element of visual interest to the texture. The perfect neutrals of Smoke, Charcoal, Taupe and Indigo are offered in this body cloth.

A sofa’s height is usually shorter than its total depth, so you might need to rotate your furniture 90 degrees to get it through that stubborn doorway. When measuring, consider your radiators, dado rails and shelves too, measure the height to see if your sofa can pass above or under these obstructions upon entry. Any wall panels might create an unwanted gap between the sofa and the wall.