A binding gift of love

If you don’t believe so, professional authors can see their books printed. On demand publishing makes it possible to publish as few books as ten at a time. The result is a new era in gift-giving, where personalization is possible gift for boyfriend.

Parents can now compile their children’s creative writing (and even drawings) and actually publish them as a book. Your children’s creativity will be validated in the most tangible way with a book. It communicates a lot more to your friends and relations than school photos.

The elderly don’t have to be the only ones sharing their creativity with one another. One Bend woman who diligently documented her life during weekly writing workshops at the Senior Center published 20 copies of 92 Years of Being and gave them to her family as Christmas gifts. Because her loved them so much, her relatives ordered ten copies.

On demand publishing allows individuals to share their personal stories and can also be used to make an anthology. Incubation Press is my on-demand publishing company. For only $350, send me a PDF of the formatted manuscript. Ten copies of your book will be sent to you. The paperbacks measure 5 1/4 inch by 8 1/2 inches. They are made with high quality recycled paper and cover stock and bound and trimmed hand. Each additional printing of ten copies will cost $125. Not sure how to design your interior pages? We can also help.

You can even make your own coffee table book using websites such as blurb.com. This website offers book design software you can download free of charge. You can choose from sizes between 7-by-7 inches and larger 13-by-11-inch, or 12-inch square books.

Personalized paperback journals and/or diaries featuring photos and/or names of your children or loved ones make great gifts. Email the photos and tell us how many paperback journal ($35 each) that you’d like. You can even design your cover if creative. The result? It is possible to make journals by hand, which doubles as custom keepsakes.

Is there a business owner/entrepreneur on your gift-giving checklist? A classy, blank journal made from paperback and customized with covers that feature the recipient’s photo(s), tagline and/or logo as well as contact information gives clients a unique way to remember their friend.