Easy to use 360 Waves Method for Getting Deep Waves that Sink Ships

A fresh cut is the best way to go. This will allow you to use a few of the tools that are needed for the job. Du-Rag is a 360 style, wavy pomade. Also, you’ll need some pink oil moisturizer deep wave wig.

Ok, you now have the tools. Now it is your turn to make waves.

A daily hair brushing regime is essential to create 360-degree waves. Your hair texture will change from curly to a shapy shape, called waves. Training your hair properly takes about three to four weeks. Please note, some hair textures will react faster than others depending upon their natural resistance and texture.

I guarantee you will see a significant change in texture if these 360 wave tips are followed.

You will brush hair exactly as you would your meals. In the morning, you will apply your pink oil moisturizer. This will help soften your hair and moisturize it. The daily brushing strokes will be in a 360° pattern. You should do approximately 500 strokes each session. After you are done brushing, you will do this step again at noon.

You must use these 360 wave tips every day for best results. Next, you’ll perform the same steps as before but at night you’ll apply your pomade. This step is easy: simply place a small amount in your palms, and then rub the pomade vigorously into your hair. Move the pomade along the direction of your hair brushing, not against the grain. The last step is to put your du-rag on the night before you go to sleep.

These 360 wave tips will become part and parcel of your daily routine. Once you have your desired hairstyle, all that is left to do is maintain it. It is very simple. All you need to do is cut your hair every week and brush your hair regularly. I recommend shampooing for curly hair.