How Much Does it Cost to Transfer VHS to DVD or Digital?

Best Buy does not offer video transfer service in their stores. They do some equipment if you’d like to transfer video yourself. YesVideo will transfer your VHS or any other video tape up to 2 hours to DVD for the base price of $33.98 per tape. At the time of writing YesVideo was offering a 70% off promotion which drops the price down to $10.19 per tape. But you can easily buy your own USB drive and download your video files from iMemories to your computer or USB drive.

Pop in a PAL VHS video tape and it will output PAL or NTSC as per your selection. Easy-to-use and from my understanding the quality is very good. We recommend investing in a VCR from either the 1980s or 1990s. At DVD Your Memories we’ve transferred hundreds of thousands of video tapes, and we’ve found that older VCRs perform better. Since production of VCRs has been discontinued, 2025 is unlikely to bring us great new models of VCR.

The Playback Medium: VCRs And Camcorders

(If you want to use the slightly higher-quality S-video connection, you’ll need your own S-video cable, though). The software has a friendly step-by-step wizard for capturing your video to the hard drive or DVD, but doesn’t offer much in the way of video editing to fine-tune your footage. Compatible with both PC and Mac, the Elgato video capture device predictably plugs into the computer’s USB port and connects to your VCR or camcorder’s audio and video cables. It also supports S-video for slightly better image quality, but the S-video cable isn’t included. Like the others, the Elgato package includes software that lets you save video from VHS to DVD or your hard drive. Aside from the ability to trim the beginning and end of the video, though, there are no editing capabilities here. VHS to DVD conversion using a analog to digital converter software isn’t the easiest way, but surely is one of the cheapest.

These small devices are called “cards” because the original version was indeed a card that needed to be inserted into a computer, but these days they’re all plug-and-play USB dongles. If you have home movies on VHS, here’s how to put them on DVD. These are the best converters, and where to convert if you’d rather have someone else handle it. Though the recording automatically stops when the VHS tapes end. First, you need to download and launch the software for free on your Windows and Mac devices. It is entirely safe to download and will not invite any virus threat to your system.

If your tapes are broken can they fix them?

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Well, it’s not a good idea to just throw them away, which is why we… Make sure you do your research to find a service that offers everything you want.