List of All the Largest Auto Insurance Companies

For this reason, insurance professionals generally recommend considering full coverage car insurance. You may also be able to add medical payments coverage for you and any passengers in your vehicle, as well as towing and rental reimbursement on each vehicle. These additional coverage types may come with an added cost, but it does offer more financial protection in various claims scenarios.

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In the United States, Chubb offers a popular high-end car insurance coverage option called Chubb Masterpiece. This insurance includes agreed value coverage, OEM parts and procedures, higher coverage limits, and other premium features. Overall, Chubb is one of the few car insurance companies on this list to cater specifically to high-net-worth individuals. And the more types of coverage you purchase and the higher your policy limits, the more you’ll pay. Travelers is one of the oldest major insurance companies in the United States, founded long before cars were even invented.

Auto-Owners, Geico and USAA offer the cheapest minimum coverage car insurance among companies we analyzed, on average. Remember to research each company thoroughly before signing up for a policy.

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We use data-driven methodologies to evaluate insurance companies, so all companies are measured equally. You can read more about our editorial guidelines and the methodology for the ratings below. I’ve been writing about insurance for consumers for more than 20 years. Insurance intersects with many parts of our lives, yet it’s tough to untangle, and wrong choices can make a financial mess. I’m especially interested in how data is affecting the price you pay for all insurance types. “Although further damage did not occur while the vehicle was in the care of Vision, we have agreed with Vision to get the vehicle repaired.

The vehicle makes and models in the table below are well-suited for a variety of lifestyles and budgets. In the tables below, you’ll see the higher-than-average premiums that young drivers tend to pay due to their inexperience behind the wheel. You may notice that, based on this data, 18-year-olds pay more for car insurance than 16-year-olds. This is because we’ve rated 18-year-olds as if they were on their own policy rather than as listed drivers on their parents’ policy (as is the case with 16- and 17-year-old drivers). Average auto insurance premiums based on a 40-year-old driver with a clean driving record and good credit.

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Kentucky Farm Bureau is a mutual insurance company that has served families and businesses across the state since 1943. It’s the largest property and casualty insurance company in Kentucky. The goal of the Kentucky Farm Bureau is to serve as the voice of Kentucky agriculture overall. With that goal in mind, the Kentucky Farm Bureau has subsidiary organizations for public affairs, insurance, health and wellness, and more. The Louisville-based company offers a full range of insurance products ranging from auto and homeowners insurance to mobile home, boat, church, and earthquake insurance. Sentry Insurance is a mutual insurance company known mostly for its business insurance, including business auto insurance. However, the company offers a full spectrum of insurance products – including life, auto, and business insurance – to customers in 27 states.

Insurance is a shared risk, meaning you share in the risk of the other drivers on the road. Even if your driving has stayed the same, factors such as the cost of vehicle repairs and medical expenses tend to increase every year. When this happens or your insurance company has had substantial losses from a catastrophic event, your rates may increase. However, there are some years when insurance companies pay less in claims than anticipated due to better weather or improved driving within a certain area. All this to say, no, you usually cannot expect your rate to go down every year, but it might not go up every year either.

Should You Buy Car Insurance Before or After Buying a Car?

Use our analysis as a starting point to compare leading auto insurers and discover the best match for your specific needs. Car insurance rates usually fluctuate each renewal based on changes in several factors, most of which are out of your control.