The 8 Best Dandruff Shampoos

We love spritzing our locks with TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray before going in with any heated or mechanical tools for hair that’s prepped and primed for safe styling. It’s also in your best interest to turn down the temperature on your heated tools, as the lower the temperature, the less chance you have of frying your hair.

Wavy hair

If your hair regularly feels greasy, here’s how to take care of it so you can get the healthy, beautiful locks you’re after. Instead, take the time to massage your scalp with gentle pressure, sans nails, for about 3 minutes. Aim for the same kind of pressure a stylist uses when they wash your hair and give you a scalp massage. To make sure I’m cleansing thoroughly, I try to shampoo my head with the technique of a stylist. “The best way to shampoo to remove buildup is to place your fingertips against your scalp and massage your scalp in circles all over your head,” says Bivona. Find out when to shampoo depending on whether your hair is thick, thin, oily, dry or anything in between. Nexxus scientists discovered the proteins that damaged hair lacks and have created custom proteinfusion formulas for damage repair.

Dove Nutritive Solutions Oxygen Moisture Shampoo

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Best for Color-Treated Hair

“Always remember to avoid conditioning the roots, because if you don’t, it’ll help produce the oils much faster,” he says. “This is because it is more challenging for the sebum of the scalp to travel down curly hair textures versus those with straighter or fine hair,” Lane explains. How often you wash your hair largely depends on your hair type and the amount of sebum your scalp naturally produces, which varies from person to person. For those with coarse or thicker hair, those strands tend to be more prone to dryness, according to Jordan. One of the biggest reasons you may be experiencing dry hair is because you’re not consuming enough water, according to Brown. If your water intake is low, it can manifest the issue to the outside and can affect the moisture of your hair, says Brown. Step in front of the mirror and go through your hair section by section to completely take in everything you see and feel.

Virtue Labs’ lightweight Full Conditioner ($42) is also great for fine hair. It has Alpha Keratin 60ku, a proprietary human keratin protein, which helps repair damaged strands, aLabs’ing to the brand. The formula is gentle enough for color-treated hair and is free from pesky ingredients like parabens, sulfates, gluten, phthalates, and dyes. Not only does this leave-in treatment mask help repair damage and mend split ends, it helps extend the life of your color too. Colorists especially love this product since healthy hair better absorbs and holds onto hair dye, so by using this mask you’re not just improving the health of your hair but the color of it too. There are many specialty hair treatments to treat different hair types and conditions, including keratin treatments.