There’s More Than One Way of Going Green – How About Refurbished Office Furniture?

These days, it’s all about going green. Green green green. Around the house, in the office, wherever, whenever, if you ain’t green you just ain’t the thing! (wish I knew what that means). Anywho, our world is going down the drain and if we won’t do something about it, then tough luck, we’re all going to blown out of the ozone.

Because we care (!) we decided to give you a short list property refurbishment london of the stuff you can do, around the house and around the office, stuff that can help the environment, save a tree or two, and even save you some cash on the long run. It’s not the old list again, the one that says “turn off the lights when you leave the house!” No. This is a whole new refreshing list, comprised of snuggies and refurbished office furniture. Now why wouldn’t you listen to us?

Stuff you can do around the house and the office:

– Cut the electric blanket, use a snuggie instead. Yes, you EMF producer, you know I’m talking to you. All electric blankets produce EMF (Electric and Magnetic Fields) and these are related to a large number of diseases, stuff that you don’t want to know about, stuff like cancer, leukemia, headaches and heart issues. Plus it wastes tons of energy to produce and use, and can’t be recycled and it sucks.

– Go Staple-less. What? Think about how much staples you’ve been stapling your entire life? If each of us good citizens would use one less staple per day, the world would relief itself of 120 tons of steel each and every year! So I’m not saying to send out unstapled packs of paper. Not at all. I’m just telling you to look into those dandy Staple-less staplers which do this cool thingy in the paper and tucks it within itself or whatnot. Whatever. It sticks.

– Make your own cuppa coffee. Jeez, how lazy are we? Can’t even make our own morning Joe? Think of all the coffee cups that you use in one week. One week! Oh, the waste! First of all you can start walking into the Dunkin’ with your own mug. That’s for starters. You’ll always get a smile, sometimes get a discount, and eventually help the world. And if you’re looking for more than that, well, how about starting your own office coffee corner. Huh? Bring a wide selection of brand coffees and every co-worker can make his own cup, and save.

– Turn off you PC! When you’re over watching TV, what do you do? You turn it off! When you finish listening to your iPod, what do you do? Turn it off! When you’re… well… you got the drift? So why oh why, when you finish working on your computer, you do nothing? Nothing man! You know how much it costs you? Think about $100 a year. You know how much beer is that? Plus, computers create gas and emissions and what else do you want? You don’t use them! Turn’m off!

– Go Refurbished. In our society, we tend to produce and over produce. Even if there is enough of whatever it is, we will still produce more and more. Think about it. If you need to buy some office furniture, well, you’ll buy some new office furniture. Why? What’s wrong with used office furniture? Refurbished office furniture? It will save you money and save the environment some heartache. So remember the mantra: used office furniture, refurbished office furniture.

I can’t promise that the world will become a better place only by using refurbished office furniture and used office furniture or by going all staple-less. But hey, it can not harm right? SO go ahead, give it a shot. Green looks good on you.