Tips To Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning

Asphalt roofs require cleaning. There are many companies that have stepped into this field of work because the services are in huge demand. Slowly, it is establishing an area of its own on the market, and a lot of opportunities are emerging.

The solution and the issue are not that difficult if you understand from the beginning the complexities of shingle roofs: how they are constructed and what issues they face related to the kind of stains that require attention. This is not for every person who owns an organization for pressure washing because even though the issue is straightforward, the basic concepts need to be understood. Next step would be to gain experience which will lead to technical proficiency.

If the contractor fails to know the fundamentals of roofing installation, then thousands of dollars could go to waste. The pressure that is applied should be low and minimal so that the shingles not damaged. Before you begin the job, the roof should be examined and tested. The majority of pressure wash machines that are used to clean the roof utilize 4 GPM and can increase to 10 GPM. One should be aware of the best time to use which. It’s based on specific rules and the discretionary power that the contracting company has.

In all instances of roofing construction the felt layer is laid down first, and on top of that, various roofing products are put in place. The initial shingle layer is referred to as the starter-course. It is put on the lowest point on the roof. It is then placed in the reverse the direction of the roof. It creates a solid foundation that allows water to flow out, without leaking to the underside of the rafters. The shingles are laid on top of the shingles in key ways. Another layer of shingle is laid directly on top and the remainder of the roofing is laid the same manner as it goes along the roof. This lets the water move from one level of shingle to the next before it is able to drain into the drain. This is the initial step in roofing Roof Cleaning Northern Virginia.

After having studied the structure of the roof, now is the time to plan the best solution, which is the cleaning off the roofing. The most frequent problem on the roofing is growth of a fungus called Gloeocapsa Magma. It is spread by the air and winds and can be anchored to any kind of roof. It’s an invisible killer that is not brought to the attention by the owner of the home until extensive damage has occurred and huge chunks of roof have been squandered. The algae initially appears as darker brown, black spots. It is more abundant in humid climates.

Roof cleaning is highly efficient in removing this ugly flaw. Some contractors make use of a mix consisting of TSP and bleach, which instantly eliminates the fungus. Some recommend using cleaning solutions that contain sodium hydroxide in its base. Whatever solution is chosen, the guidelines of the company that manufactures the particular solution should be followed. The companies will warrant their own products, but not the other companies. However, they all speak in the same warning that high pressure should in never be utilized while cleaning roofs. Some contractors apply pressures from 600 500 to 600 PSI. The rule of thumb is to use the lowest amount of pressure as well as the least chemically abrasive to get the desired results.

There is a huge need for roof cleaning contractors however if you want to consider this for a job, the best option is to enroll in an education course in the field that is taught through The Power Washers of North America (PWNA). The course is very instructive and practical. The knowledge gained will be about the various chemicals utilized as well as the techniques for application.