Types and types of specialty vehicle commercial auto and trucks insurance policies

If you are dealing with truck and commercial auto insurance policies, it may seem that most vehicles can be grouped under one umbrella. If you are operating any type or truck, you will need commercial truck coverage. It is that easy. It’s actually not true. We will discuss the various types of commercial vehicle coverage policies.

Different types of trucks and special vehicles have different types of insurance. This makes sense as different vehicles can be used in different ways. They all face different risks and are required to perform different tasks. You won’t find a single type of commercial truck insurance policy. There are hundreds of specialty coverage plans commercial trucking insurance.

So which types of specialty truck coverage should you be familiar with? You may be familiar with large rigs and 18-wheeler trucks. However, there are many different applications for specialty truck insurance, including long haul and general freight. Also, the policies of owner operators can differ.

Specializations can be made for big rig trucks as well, such refrigerated trucks and hazmat trucks. Owners of multiple trucking companies with different drivers and vehicles may have different coverage requirements than someone with one truck.

The world of commercial specialty auto insurance becomes a lot more diverse and broadening from there. Take for example food delivery, food trucks or ice cream vans. You can also find charter buses or vehicles, limousines, and taxi cabs. A third category is companies that provide non-emergency medical transport, and emergency medical transport.

Also, specialty trucks include certain vehicle classes such as dump trucks. Tow trucks. Logging trucks. Automobile haulers. Waste haulers. Wreckers. It’s truly a broad field, and this doesn’t cover all of it.

Remember pickup trucks, vans as well as regular automobiles. If you have regular cars and are a business, or you plan on using the car for any other business purpose, commercial auto coverage will be necessary.

The bottom line is that your specific vehicle type and function will require a specific insurance policy. An experienced insurance professional can help guide you through the process and help you find the right policy for your specific needs.

John Rothschild runs ACI Insurance Services. ACI Insurance Services has been providing Florida commercial auto insurance since more than 10 year. ACI is well-known because of their outstanding customer service and industry knowledge.